Charter Responsibilies

Historic Naval Ships Association
626-C Admiral Drive
P.O. Box 320
Annapolis, MD 21401


Objectives Of The Association:

  • To educate the public on the rich naval maritime heritage of the member ships; the roles the ships have played in their countries’ histories; and the importance of preserving historic naval ships for future generations.
  • To foster the exchange of information and experiences among the member ship staffs to enable them to develop and conduct educational programs to spread knowledge of their histories to the public.
  • To provide information, assistance and support to the member ship staffs to enable them to manage and operate their facilities in the most efficient manner possible.

Activities Of The Association:

Annual Conferences:
The Historic Naval Ships Association provides a forum for its members to exchange ship museum management information and technical expertise. The Association’s annual conferences are each hosted by a member vessel at its city or a nearby venue. The delegates discuss such matters as educational programs, preservation methods, conservation techniques, collections management, insurance, exhibiting, fundraising and marketing their sites and programs.

Newsletter, Anchor Watch web site with customized pages for each member ship, resources for the public, and resources for the Association members.

Publicity support:
Press releases describing the Association “Fleet” as a whole and Member vessel activities
Exhibition of tabletop display at maritime heritage and related Conferences and meetings
Articles and inputs for Fleet and Associate Member periodicals
Articles and editorial assistance to national maritime related periodicals

Ships parts and artifact acquisition:
Provision of information to Fleet Members concerning ships scheduled for disposal from which parts may be acquired
Provision of information to Fleet Members concerning artifacts available from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Maritime Administration and individuals

Liaison and coordination with U.S. Navy Department offices:
Naval History and Heritage Command
Naval Sea Systems Command
Naval Office of Information

Liaison and coordination with other U.S. and Canadian governmental offices:
National Park Service
NPS, National Maritime Initiative
Maritime Administration
Coast Guard Historian
National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Canadian National Historic Sites Directorate
Canadian Conservation Institute
Parks Canada

Liaison and coordination with other maritime heritage and related organizations:
Naval Historical Foundation
National Maritime Alliance
National Maritime Historical Society
Council of American Maritime Museums
American Association for State and Local History
National Trust for Historic Preservation
U.S. Naval Institute
U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation
U.K. National Historic Ships Committee

Support and active participation in efforts to have legislation enacted that will benefit the Fleet Members

Management of the Individual Membership Program

Awards program to recognize excellence

Biennial Economic Impact Surveys and provision of the data acquired to Fleet Members and to Associate Member organizations working to acquire vessels

Management of a Reciprocal Staff Visit Program whereby persons on Fleet Member museum staffs may visit other museums at no charge to acquire and exchange professional information

Issuance of Executive Director Memorandums to Fleet and Associate Members and selected others advising them on matters of interest, providing information, and soliciting their inputs for ongoing Association projects

Letters of Association endorsement for Fleet Members to support grant proposals and other projects they are undertaking

Assistance and information to groups working to acquire historic naval vessels as museums and memorials

Assistance, advice and information to Fleet and Associate Members via e-mail, phone, fax, letter and visits on the entire spectrum of matters of concern to them

Answering inquiries from the general public and the media on matters having to do with the members and the Association

Dissemination of information concerning veteran reunion outfits to Fleet Members for their provision to visitors to their museums

Exchange of information on positions available and desired