HNSA Education Collaborative for Educators

The Historic Naval Ships Association’s mission is to Honor, Educate, and Inspire people from around the world to the service and sacrifice that the men and women of Armed Forces throughout the world make in order to secure our freedoms. In addition, the members of Historic Naval Ships Association, museums and memorials, dedicate themselves to provide informal and formal educational opportunities to schools groups and families.

Through the HNSA Educational Collaborative, many on-line lesson plans, activities, and programs are available to you from our membership. In addition to lesson plans, curriculum guides and activities our members are available to answer questions ranging from specific ship information to general naval history or science questions.

The HNSA Education Collaborative and the members of HNSA are available to help you make real world connections to classroom learning by providing curriculum guides, assistance in developing lesson plans, educational experiences, research, and a network of unique learning institutions around the world.